Monday, December 10, 2007

Critics on "The World's Greatest Email"

What critics are saying about “The World's Greatest Email”:

I haven't laughed so much in a long time and I had to have a break and put the book down. Some funnies are like great jokes, others are silly Freudian things people have said, others are the weird things people get up to. Some jokes are a little risqué but don't let that put you off. This is the type of book you don't want to end and is a great book to read during down time - save some pages for a treat next time around.”

Books In Review

Be warned: read this book with an open mind! Shifrin-Cassidy spares nobody and includes jokes about Democrats, liberals, conservatives, homosexuals, men, women, politicians, and the elderly. She pokes fun with a light hand, however, and gives fair warning when something might be especially offensive.

“Shifrin-Cassidy provides a funny, healthy reading alternative. This is a great book to keep on the kitchen counter, in the car, in the diaper bag, or anywhere else easily accessible during a long commute or a lull in the fractious activity of modern life. Not only does it provoke a hearty chuckle, it might just save a life or two.”
Foreword Magazine

The World's Greatest Email is a unique and entertaining compilation of emails from all over the world. Subjects include Fun-E's, inspirational, political and life-saving information.

Sue Shifrin-Cassidy is a noted songwriter, philanthropist, founder of and co-founder of EAT'M (Emerging Artists, Talent and Technology in Music). She is a licensed pilot, enjoys traveling, scuba diving and thoroughbred breeding and racing.

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