Friday, June 22, 2007

Maravich turns 60

By Wayne Federman and Marshall Terrill
In collaboration with Jackie Maravich

The Ultimate Maravich highlight video creates Internet sensation.
Pistol Pete’s 60th birthday approaches.

To help demonstrate the basketball artistry of Pistol Pete Maravich to a new generation of sports fans, Wayne Federman, one of the co-authors of MARAVICH created a compilation of rare film and video clips and uploaded it to YouTube, Yahoo, Google Video, and other sites. The Ultimate Pistol Pete Maravich MIX became an Internet phenomenon. It just passed over one million views, and still generates about four thousand hits a day.

“Click this,” gushed Sports Illustrated (March 9, 2007). “A reminder of what made him so mind-blowing in the first place.”
“The dopest ball handling/passing/shooting clinics you’ll ever see from one person in six and one half minutes,” added DIME Magazine (May 2007).

Pete Maravich, who would have turned sixty on June 22, is the subject of two new biographies, but MARAVICH was written with the full cooperation of Pete’s immediate family. After staying silent for two decades, Maravich's widow, Jackie, provided unfettered access to the family’s private archives with authors Wayne Federman and Marshall Terrill. The two first examined Pete Maravich’s scrapbooks, films, letters, calendars, diaries, and photographs. Then they scoured thousands of newspaper articles, hundreds of game logs, and interviewed over 300 teammates, opponents, journalists, coaches, detractors, fans, and extended family. The project took nearly six years to complete.

The result was MARAVICH, easily the most comprehensive, personal, and detailed account of Maravich’s life. It is, according to ESPN, “the definitive biography of Pistol Pete Maravich.” And now, twenty years after his death, Maravich continues to thrill and inspire

“I have a lot of Pistol Pete in my game,” admits two-time MVP Steve Nash.
“I learned all my tricks from Pistol Pete,” says Kobe Bryant.
“He was so deceptive with the ball and that’s what I wanted to be: the guy who could fool you with the basketball,” says Houston Rocket’s guard Rafer Alston.

MARAVICH also includes a comprehensive appendix of Pete Maravich statistics, including what the NY Times called, “the single most convincing statistical refutation of the charge that Maravich was a selfish gunner...”

“This book is incredible,” gushed NBA Hall-of Famer Bill Walton. “I was blown away. The amount of research that Federman and Terrill did is staggering.”

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Friday, June 1, 2007

McQueen Royalty Invades England

Barbara McQueen is taking her exhibition of rare and private photographs of her late husband across the pond to England where she will appear for the first time since his 1980 death.

The Movie Poster Art Gallery will host the three-week exhibition, which kicks off with a June 13 VIP reception with Barbara McQueen. Following the reception, the exhibition of approximately 40 limited edition photographs will be on display and for sale June 16 through July 7. The photos can also be purchased online by visiting

Barbara, who had carved a very successful career for herself as a fashion model, met Steve McQueen in July 1977. It was a time when she was stepping back from the modeling industry while the superstar was beginning to turn his back on the trappings of Hollywood.
The two spent the next three-and-a-half years together, marrying in 1980, the year of Steve McQueen’s death. During that time she captured wonderful and unique images of the very private McQueen allowed to no one else.

Barbara soon discovered that the screen legend she had idolized from afar was a determined individualist who loved vintage planes, motorcycles and cars and admired the men who flew and drove them above all others.

“I knew the man, not the movie star,” says Barbara McQueen.

Her photographs record a behind-the-scenes life of personal pleasures and enthusiasms – hitting the road in Steve’s many pickup trucks, visiting collectors’ shows and swap meets, driving 700 miles for a rare World War I motorcycle, flying a vintage mail plane, and generally ducking out on the movie industry.

But when work did call, Barbara was also on hand to capture marvelous candid shots on the sets of McQueen’s last two films – Tom Horn and The Hunter.

The show offers a privileged insight into a previously unseen side of one of the 20th century’s most charismatic and admired stars, and a rare treat for collectors and fans.

The Movie Poster Art Gallery is located at 1 Colville Place, London, W1T 2 BG. Exhibition opening times are Monday through Friday 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.; Saturday 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.

For more information, call 020 7637 7441 or visit