Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Michael Dante set to release memoirs in 2012

Michael Dante will add another distinguished title to his list of credits: celebrity author.
The athlete turned actor recently penned From Hollywood to Michael Dante Way, and will be released later this year.
Dante appeared in more than 50 movies and 150 television episodes. His tall, dark, leading-man good looks got him his break in Hollywood, but his ability to adapt to a wide variety of roles kept him busy in show biz for more than three decades.
The actor known as Michael Dante was born Ralph Vitti in 1931, in Stamford, Conn. He played ball and began studying acting at the University of Miami. In 1949, the Boston Braves discovered him playing semi-pro ball in a fast New England league and signed him to a pro contract at the age of 18.

After injuring his arm, he sat out the 1952 season, and left pro ball for good a few years later.
His first acting job came in the 1956 movie Somebody Up There Likes Me. For the 30 years he had guest roles in many of the TV Westerns of the time, along with soap operas, cop shows, etc.
You can view his "filmography" at the Internet Movie Database, and his minor league baseball career at Be sure to search under Michael Dante on the former site, and Ralph Vitti on the latter.

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