Saturday, October 22, 2011

Will Turpin's thoughts on "The Lighthouse"

Cold wind, blowin’ down the street the sun is not out today
All night, thinkin’ bout a way to put things back in their place
I can’t put the fire out alone,
I can't save the sailor from the storm

The Lighthouse
Gooey Music, 2011

Rhythm, harmony and melody’s been a theme in my life as far back as I can remember
—and I’m 40. Having a sense of melody is sorta like the evolution question...which
came first, the chicken or the egg? It’s an intrinsic quality you're born with. I
certainly believe there's an aptitude for it; and, perhaps it’s something in the

My father, Bill Turpin, had those genes. He was a touring musician before opening
Real 2 Reel Studios back in 1976 in Jonesboro, Georgia. He raised his family there
and that’s definitely where part of my aptitude for music grew. It just felt
natural. I'm glad I did my first solo work at Real 2 Reel because of the comfort
level. The crew helped me get the songs where they needed to be.

I’ve worked hard to make my new stuff on The Lighthouse very personal, textured and
rich in melody. They’re songs of love, hope, friendship, vanity, addiction,
despair, bad decisions and positive solutions—you know, Tree of Life stuff.

My three boys are very musical and have great rhythm. They’ll learn that Tree of
Life stuff as they get out into the world. Right now we just play a lot of soccer
and spend a lot of quality time together. They think Dad’s being a rock star is
just one of those things you can do in life. I’ve started a little band with them
and we’ve even written a song together. We jam together. If my boys decide they
want a musical career, I’ll support them. My wife, Donna, and I facilitate anything
positive that they want to do and help them learn the tools to accomplish those
things. We’ve been together 17 years now. She’s “My Star.”

In the meantime, I hope that everyone enjoys The Lighthouse. The EP was hard work
and took eight months to whittle 14 songs down to five. It’s highly personal,
representing what’s going on with me musically and personally. When all’s said and
done, I’ll keep doing what I always do, try to be a good dad, put food on the table,
keep making music and count my blessings.

Look around and let the world explain...


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