Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Book Soup hosts Robert Relyea on Sept. 10

Relyea was assistant director on The Alamo

Robert E. Relyea, a fifty-year veteran of the movie industry and assistant director on John Wayne's The Alamo, will appear at a world famous book store on the Sunset Strip this month to promote his new action-packed autobiography.

The two-hour signing will take place 7 p.m. Wednesday, September 10 at Book Soup, 8818 Sunset Boulevard in West Hollywood. Relyea will be signing copies of Not So Quiet On The Set: My Life In Movies During Hollywood’s Macho Era, which promises to become a must read for anyone who yearns to know the “real” stories about the movies.

Co-authored by son Craig Relyea, Not So Quiet On The Set provides a fascinating behind-the-scenes, first person look into Hollywood’s movie-making landscape during the turbulent pre-and post-Kennedy years in America. The book also chronicles Relyea’s relationship with John Wayne on the set of The Alamo, one of the icon's most enduring films.

Tidbits include:

  • The Duke's explosive temperament, who dispensed with the pleasantries when it came to dealing with demanding fans.

  • The time when Wayne punched a horse for biting him on the backside. The force of the star's punch brought the animal to its knees.

  • How co-star Richard Widmark wanted to go toe-to-toe with Wayne after he called Widmark a “little son of a bitch.”

  • Setting up the film's final battle sequence, which required thousands of extras and took more than a month to shoot.

The 348-page work includes candid photos of Relyea on the sets of epic films and presents rare insights into the mechanics and politics of filmmaking, defining a dynamic period in motion picture history. A unique collaboration between father and son, Not So Quiet On The Set not only illustrates how the movie industry really works, but also provides a revealing portrait of Hollywood’s loss of innocence.

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