Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Curl Up with "The White Book"

Curled Up with "The White Book"

Without a doubt, there have been more books written about The Beatles than about any other musician. So, whenever a new product arrives, it is typically regarded as some sort of already seen/already-been-there material. This one is different. The author was an insider, the American manager for Apple Records. There are his tales, his anecdotes, his memories from a fantasy life as a member of the band's inner sanctum.

And oh my goodness, what marvelous tales.

On marketing Revolver:
"I remember the August 1966 release of the Revolver album, in particular, as being one of my roughest releases. I would spend weeks trying to get a new Glen Campbell record on a major station only to have it taken off the air and thrown out the door at me just because the 'other' station across town got The Beatles first."

On the concert on the roof of Apple Records (January 30, 1969):
"As I mentioned earlier, if I had to single out one event that stood out above all the others during the time I worked with The Beatles, it would by far be their last concert. If you ever want to find out just how good The Beatles were as a single unit, a live, four-piece, rock-and-roll band, just listen to the live recordings of the concert on the roof that day."Also, you need to check out these photos. The author is there, on the roof, in a white trench coat. If he never did another single thing in his life, just being there on that roof on that day would secure for him a place in pop culture history.

And there's so much more here: the personal interludes with John, Paul, George, and Ringo; the parties; the death of Lennon. Also included are a variety of memorable and entertaining photos and bits of personal memorabilia (letters, notes, signed items).

If you already own every other book on the band, make room on your shelf for this one. It's worthwhile.

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