Friday, January 26, 2007

In League with Elvis

In League with 'Elvis'
Film to explore 'Untold Story'

Newly minted production shingle Cinema League has found Elvis, optioning film and TV rights to the book "Sergeant Presley: The Untold Story of Elvis' Missing Years."
Cinema League plans to begin shooting the pic this summer, with most of the production set in Germany. It announced the deal with novel authors Rex and Elisabeth Mansfield and Marshall and Zoe Terrill.

Rex Manfield was a fellow soldier during Presley's tour in the Army from 1958 to 1960 while his wife Elisabeth was once romantically linked with the singer. Story, penned by Cinema League principal Miro Vrana, will cover Presley's basic training in Texas and his travels to Germany along with the genesis of his addiction to prescription drugs and his initial meeting with Priscilla Beaulieu, his eventual spouse.

"Whilst the story tells of the secret forbidden love that develops between Rex and Elisabeth behind Elvis' back, it does so against the backdrop of both well known and little known events in Elvis' life," Vrana said.

Sports agent Vrana, producer-manager Julia Brunton and artist-writer Adrienne McQueen launched Los Angeles-based Cinema League in November during AFM with the aim of producing two or three films a year with budgets in the $5 million-$20 million range. Shingle's debut project is sports drama "Hometown Blues," directed by Australian helmer Nadia Tass.
(Source: Variety)

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